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The Ari Center’s commitment to supporting the advancement and educational development of Black school-aged children is rooted in our Vision Planning Services (VPS).  Our VPS provide support that is focused on enhancing the academic and functional achievement of all children, at all ages, as they progress through school to graduation.  It is never too early to start post-secondary planning.  We work to identify natural, community, and/or school-based supports and develop goal-oriented plans to best support the child’s post-secondary vision.  Emphasis is placed on student involvement to foster the best possible chance for success and to empower families in making informed decisions regarding continued education, employment, and independent living after graduation.  The priority is not only that the child graduates, but that they also realize post-school outcomes that address their strengths and abilities.


Vision Planning Services may include:

  • Parent and age-appropriate student interviews for individualized planning

  • Evaluations of students’ interests, preferences, and needs using informal and/or formal measures

  • Evidence-based vocational evaluations

  • Exploration of various post-secondary education options

Vision Planning Services

Vision Planning Services

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