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The Ari Center Community Care Support (TAC 3C Support) uses a robust care management infrastructure and individualized planning to center the voices of children, young adults, and their families who may be involved with not only an education agency but also social service systems, behavioral and mental health, juvenile justice, foster care, and displacement service agencies.


​ Our master facilitators play an essential role in integrated care management and planning across multiple agencies with an emphasis on fostering independence and positive post-secondary outcomes, which, in turn, directly address the social determinants of health.  Facilitation is not simply determining who speaks next but is a process that opens conversations among participants to reach a desired outcome.  By engaging teams in meaningful dialogue and activities, we help to create an environment where families are empowered to make decisions about their lives or the lives of their children and improve their overall well-being.


TAC 3C Support services may include:

  • Family Support & Case Management

  • Co-Care Analysis and Strategic Planning

  • Implementation Strategy 

  • Collaborative Care Guidance

TAC 3C  Support

TAC 3C  Support

Male Teacher with Students
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